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#4PetesSake Fundraiser

#4PetesSake Fundraiser: Kiss the Pig Contest: See the Money Chart Below…

To our wonderful faculty, staff, and students: I am so proud of your willingness to give so unselfishly to a great cause! We've had fun teasing each other and watching the day-to-day updates. More importantly, we have shown the Lewis family just how much we care about them. Prior to the final day of the fundraiser, we had raised $760.80. Due to the generous donations from you and those who attended the band, piano, choir concerts, we were able to more than double our previous total. I know that the Lewis family will appreciate the funds, but even more, they will appreciate each of you.

Those who missed the top 10 and had some money donated to their jars were:
Simon……… $9.31
Neilson, R….$9.06
Gubler, C….$7.40
Neilson, E…$0.08

Please Opt In to Text Messaging via SchoolMessenger

Dear Parents and Guardians,

To improve communication with parents, guardians and students, Washington County School District Technology expanded its ability to deliver phone, email and SMS text messages using SchoolMessenger. SchoolMessenger will be used to communicate in emergency situations as well as inform parents of day to day progress and school events.

We invite you to fully participate in the process by "Opting In" to SMS Text messaging and keeping contact information in PowerSchool up to date. Just complete two simple steps:

  1. Opt in to SMS Messaging by sending the word Yes, via text message, to the number 68453. SchoolMessenger will only send text messages to cell phone numbers whose recipients have agreed to receive them.
  2. Make sure you contact information is up to date by logging in to your PowerSchool Account and accessing the Demographics Change Page. For help click on this link.
The mission of Hurricane Intermediate School is to ensure that every student is high-achieving and well-rounded.