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Positive Behavior and Expectations…

We have a new Positive Behavior support system designed to help remind everyone of our expectations in our school. We have taken input from teachers and students and come up with the acronym, ROAR.

Each letter reminds us all of four “values” (RespectOpen-MindedAttitude, and Responsibility) which we would like to see in action each day. 

Posters have been placed around our school to remind students of this Positive Behavior, along with a brief description for each setting.

In order to promote these behaviors, teachers have been given tickets to share with students when they are observed behaving properly.

Each ticket can be given to the Office Staff for an immediate reward and a drawing for a weekly award.

Please take this opportunity to talk with your student about these expectations, and the importance of  ROAR behaviors.

With your continued support and involvement, Hurricane Intermediate School will remain a school where students can excel.

The graphics below identify what each “value” should look like in various School Settings.

                                           Also, please watch our Student produced Video

ROAR – All Settings

ROAR – Assemblies

ROAR – Bathrooms & Lockers

ROAR – Bus

ROAR – Cafeteria

ROAR – Classrooms & Labs

ROAR – Hallways & Stairs

ROAR – Outside

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PowerSchool is Updated!

~~PowerSchool is Updated! Grade Changes Too!~~ 
You may be noticing some changes in the way PowerSchool is showing information. One of the challenges is that the Effort Grade won’t work this year the way it has in the past. Teachers will still use a category for “Effort”, but it will now be integrated into the Academic grade (as it is in the middle and high schools). As a result, the teachers are discussing the “weight” for the effort grade (we’ll start with 10% and go from there as a team), so you may see some fluctuations in grades for a while. If you have questions about a grade, please contact the teacher so they may help you.

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The mission of Hurricane Intermediate School is to ensure that every student is high-achieving and well-rounded.


1325 South 700 West
Hurricane, Utah 84737
Phone: 435-635-8931
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