Principal’s Message

Brad Christensen

Dear Parents,

I am excited to tell you about a new program we are starting at HIS. After using Academies for 3
quarters and talking to the other intermediate schools in the district about their efforts to help
struggling children, our teachers have come up with a program we call ”iZAP.” It is based on our mission
to produce high-achieving, well-rounded students and our belief that the classroom teacher knows and
is best able to provide remediation for their students.

iZAP stands for Interventions: Zeros Aren’t Permitted.

Some type-of intervention will happen every day of the week during homeroom. Teachers will identify
students who are missing assignments in their classes, or students who just need extra help with a
specific concept. Monday will be art and CTE intervention, Tuesday will be math, Wednesday language
arts, Thursday will be science, and Friday social studies/keyboarding and PE. Students who don’t need
help will stay in their homeroom and read. We will also hold a quarterly enrichment activity where
students will be able to put their higher-order thinking skills to the test.

Thank you so much for all you do for your students.

Brad “Mr. C” Christensen

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The mission of Hurricane Intermediate School is to ensure that every student is high-achieving and well-rounded.

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